imbeng1<Not Sure>1.1viFor a person to join in with others, join in an activity; to participate in an activity, game, etc.Minimbengo ang nagkayam ta balibol.I participated in the volleyball game.Indi amo mimbeng-imbeng ong mga boat ang maki-lep tenged asia andang pisan ay borak nang masinlo.Don't you participate in deeds of darkness because doing so does not result in any good thing (lit. fruit).1.2viFor a group of people to get together, gather together.Mamagimbeng-imbeng ita lagat-lagat para ong miting ta.We'll just get together later for our meeting.Tani amo kay! Mamagirimbeng itang magpiknik.Come! Let's get together for a picnic.2vi2.1vtTo live together as husband and wife, with or without being legally married; to commit adultery or fornication.Tanira ay pagimbengan da maski indi pa gakasal.They are living together even though they aren't married yet.

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