sagdavtActor: mag- Undergoer: i-To kill an animal and sprinkle its blood on something in performing certain traditional rituals; a blood sacrifice.Asing timpo tang mga Israelita, pamagsagda tanira ta mga ayep ong altar don ong Timplo nira bilang bolontad ong Dios.During the time of Israelites, they sacrificed animals on the altar there in their Temple as offerings to God.Sinopay nagsagda ong logod mong nagmasit?Who made the blood sacrifice for your sibling that was sick?Blood sacrifices are still practiced, although not as commonly as in the past. When a person is sick, an animal (chicken, goat, or pig) may be killed. The life of the animal supposedly will redeem the life of the person. When a new house is finished, two white chickens are killed and the blood is sprinkled around inside the house, as payment to the spirits who own the land the house is built on.rel wdbolontad 1botod 1igsaragda2der.n

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