belag21<Not Sure>1.1negNo; not.India magkomit tang belag ta nio.Don't take what is not yours.Belago pa ta maosay ang magbitala ta Agutaynen.I'm not yet skilled in speaking Agutaynen.India magtōk mga belag ta lambong mo.Do not wear it if it is not your clothing.Belag ta si Pedro tang nandeg, kondi si Juan.It was not Pedro who won, but rather Juan.antee1.2negNot really."Telekan mo kay tang matao, masinggi?" "Belag ka." "Please look at my eye, is it red?" "Not really." 2neg2.1tag quesIsn't it so?; Aren't...?; Isn't...?Midio parti tang mageyep, belag bato ta bagio?It seems the wind is acting different, isn't it so there might be a typhoon?Samitan mo kay tang tera ta talabi, belag pa bato ta mabanglet?Please taste the viand from last night, it's not spoiled yet is it? Belag bato ta yawa tang initao don ong maki-lep talabi?Aren't you the one I saw in the dark last night?

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