tokawunspec.<Not Sure>1.1advIn the past; long ago; in former days.Asing tokaw pa, ang mga barakalen ay dorong kabarato.In the past, goods were very cheap.antori 1.22adv2.1viTo begin; to go on ahead; to be first, ahead of others.Simingkaw tanandia ong Roxas ba-lo limina-ted ong Agutaya.He began in the town of Roxas before moving to Agutaya island.Tongkaw ami kay ong nindio.We'll just go on ahead of you.Na-kaw tanandia ang nakabot.She was the first to arrive.Ang mga gangaori mandian yay ang manga-kaw. Those who are last now, they will be the ones who will be first. antori 12.2viTo die (literally, to go ahead of others).Indi amo makibot, nakaw da si Tatay.Don't be startled, Father has died (lit. gone ahead).2.3vtTo do something first; to put something first, ahead of others; to send a person or thing ahead.Aypa tang obrang tokawen ta?Which work will we do first? Mga manlagā ta tera, i-kaw mo kang lagi tang yan ba-lo tang kolbot tang kamosi.When you cook the viand, please put in the fish first and then the cassava tops.Paning ami ong Cambian, piro pina-kawo ra tanira, domatono lamang.We'll go to barangay Cambian, but I've already sent them ahead, I'll just follow.antpaori2.4viTo push each other while rushing to be first, or rushing up to the front.Indi amo mamagpara-kawan ang mangomit ta primio, itaben madagpa amo.Don't you all push and rush to be first to get the prize, you might trip.3vi3.1n., locIn front of; up ahead; past a certain point, on the other side of.Nagpalitrato tanandia ong tokawan tang balay na.She had her picture taken in front of her house.Ang balay nira ay ong tokawan tang tolay.Their house is past the bridge.antorian

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