libot1vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -on Goal: pa--anlibotTo walk, around, go around from place to place; to circle around an area; to make loop around a place.Asing may prosision ong plasa yading taw tang namaglibot. When there was a procession around the plaza many people circled around it.Agliboton tang taga PALECO tang kada posti para ilista tang barayadan ta mga taw kada bolan.The employees of the Palawan Electric Cooperative go around to each electrical pole and list the peoples' payment every month.Kada balay ang agdayonan ta bolto, linibot amen da.Each house that had a religious statue staying in it, we went around to those houses.rel wdalig 12vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: ipa-To take, carry something around from place to place.Kaldaw-kaldaw agpalibot ong kada balay tang birhin.Everyday the statue of the virgin is being taken around to each household.3vtGoal: pa--anTo surround a place.Pinalibotan tang mga taga sondalo tang kampo tang mga ribildi.The soldiers surrounded the camp of the rebels.rel wdtompok 1palibot1der.n

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