wayang1adjmawayangRoomy, loose-fitting clothing; wide, spacious; vast area.Ang lambong ni Maria ay mawayang tenged pagabdet.Maria's dress is very roomy because she is pregnant.Mawayang tang tanek amen ang lindoakan ta nioy.The piece of land we planted with coconut trees is wide. 2vi., vtActor: maN- Undergoer: pa--enFor something to become wider, more spacious; to make an area wide, or clothes loose fitting.Pangwayang da tang baybay ong Abagat piro agka-kaben da tang langeb tang baybay ong Cambian.The beach is becoming wider at barangay Abagat but the beach at barangay Cambian is being eroded by the waves.Pawayangen mo tang bedbeden mong kaliolioto.Make the pants that you'll sew for me loose fitting. ov synmala-bangmarogalkawayangan2der.n

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