pinto<Not Sure>11.1vtTo guess; to interpret dreams; to predict what will happen in the future.Pintōn mo lamang mga onopa ana na?Just guess what her new baby is?Magpasigem-sigemo, oman pinton mi.I'll tell a riddle, and then you guess the answer.Pintōn mo kay tang talakinepo talabi.Please interpret my dream I had last night.Yo, indio pagparet nga ang taw ang asi gatakong magpinto tang mainabo ong parakaboton.I don't believe that that person knows how to predict what will happen in the future.May mga taw ang maosay ang manaid ong kalibotan animan teta gapagpinto ra tang mainabo.There are some people who are skilled at observing the weather patterns, therefore sometimes they are able to predict what will happen.manigpinto2der.1nantmanighola1der. ofholamanighola222.1viTo play hide-and-seek; to play peek-a-boo.Magpinto-pintoan ita.Let's play hide-and-seek.

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