peyeng1<Not Sure>1.1vi., vtTo close the eyes.India mampeyeng agod makomit tang poling mo.Don't close your eyes so that the dirt can be taken out.1.2viTo squint one's eyes; to squeeze eyes shut, sometimes pretending to be asleep; to wink at a person.Pisana ra ka siang pepeyeng-peyeng ang pagtog tang singgoay?Are you really squinting hard like that in threading a needle?1.3statEyes closed, either in sleep or in death.Way, peyeng da si A-oy, mapoyat da.Look, Little Boy's eyes are already closed, he's falling asleep.Peyeng da tang mata ni Lolo.Grandfather's eyes have closed (i.e. he has died).2stat2.1viFor a kerosene lamp or torch to go out (lit. close its eyes), when the kerosene is all used up.Nampeyeng da tang tolok amen talabi tenged anda ray gas na.Our torch went out last night because it had no more kerosene.

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