taboantabóan1vi., vtActor: -om- Goal: -anpanaog, babaTo go, come down; to disembark.Indi pa tatabóan tang mga pasahiro, itaben iabanti pa tang pambot.The passengers aren't disembarking yet, maybe they'll bring the pumpboat a little closer first.Ang kiro amen gatakong koma-yat ong aldan, piro indi ra matakong tomabóan. Our dog knows how to go up the ladder, but he doesn't know how to come down.Asing naglimat ami tang bobon amen, yo tang siminabóan ang naglimpio.When we cleaned our well, I was the one who climbed down inside to clean it.antka-biatka-yat 1.1tāy 1.12vtUndergoer: ipa-, pa--enTo cause, make someone or something go down; to take something downstairs.Ipatabóan mo kay tang mga kosing gege-ley, pamantaki tani ong dibabaw.Take the kittens downstairs, they are pooping here upstairs.antka-biatka-yat 1tāy 1ov synbabak 1

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