nonotunspec. var.panonot1<Not Sure>1.1advTogether with; along with; including.Minosoang tang nanak tang pelta nonot tang mata na.The pus came out of the boil along with the eye.1.2vi., vtTo go along with the wind or current; to go along with, follow closely behind a person; to include something with other things; to follow with one's eyes.Panonot tang motor ong mageyep animan madasig tang biahi.The pumpboat is going along with the wind and so the trip is fast.Madasig tang biahi amen ang nagalin ong Cuyo tenged panonot tang mageyep.Our trip was quick coming from Cuyo island because the wind was with us. Ang taw ang pagdoadoa, midio langeb ang agpanonot lamang maski ong aypa eyepen tang mageyep.A person who doubts, he is like a wave which just goes along in whichever direction the wind blows.Nonoton mo kay tang mola ang ba-long pagadal ang papanaw.Follow closely behind the child who is just learning to walk.Ipanonot tang lambong tang patay ong longon.The dead person's clothes will be included in the casket.Panontan mo kay mga ongaypa paning tanira.Follow with your eyes where they go.anttabid 12vi., vt2.1Figuratively, to go along with another person's opinion or wishes; to go along with the norm.Ang taw ang agpanonot ang pirmi ong doma, anday sadiling isip na.A person who is always going along with others' opinions has no mind of his own.Indi dapat panontan mo tang kaliagan tang ana mo tenged sia ibael na.You should not go along with what your child wants because that is the habit he'll grow up with.Mandian mal da tang prisio tang asokar, maski tanopasia barato pa tang bakal nira, ipanonot da nira ong alawig ang prisio.Nowadays the price of sugar is high, even though earlier they bought their stock for a low price, but now they will go along with the higher prices.

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