simetviActor: pl. mamagsimet-simetFor people to assemble, congregate, or gather together at a place, usually for a specific purpose.Alos ang tanan ang taw ang taga lansangan namagsirimet-simet don ong loa tang balay.Almost all the people of the town had gathered there outside the house.ov synimbeng 1rel wdtompok 1paragsimet-simetander.1n2vtTo collect things; to gather, get things or people together; to save things up, usually money.Ang mga istodianti pamagsimet ta taki ta baka para gamiten ang abono ong mga iloloak ong iskoilan.The students are gathering dried cow's manure to be used as fertilizer on their plants at the school.Magsimet-simeto rin ta koartang mabalono ang magtay.I'll get some money together to take along when I travel.

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