si-bo si-boviActor: -om-For a person to gasp for air, as of a drowning person or someone who is about to die; for the soul of a dead person to flicker on and off, or flame up and down, in a coconut palm grove or out at sea.Mo-ya inita amen tang molang galmet, sisi-bo si-bo ra lamang.It's a good thing we saw the child drowning, he was already gasping for air. Si Lolo grabi ra, sisi-bo si-bo ra lamang.Grandfather is very serious, he is already gasping his last breath.Inita amen tang pagdingkal, pisan ang sisi-bo si-bo don ong kanioyan.We saw the soul of a dead person flickering, it was really flaming up there in the coconut palm grove.rel wdpakamo-kamosantirmo

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