belag11vi., vtActor/Undergoer: magbelag, magigbelag, palbag Reduplication: mag--an Goal: -anhiwalayFor people to part company, (lit. separate) on the road, each going a different direction; for a married couple to separate or divorce; to separate oneself from a group or an individual.Mamagbelag ita ra.We'll part company now.Nagbelagan tanirang magkatawa ong sobrang soayan.The married couple separated from each other because of so much fighting.Binelagan na tang katawa na oman nangatawa si ong logod na.He divorced his wife and then married her sister.Mga indi ita palbag ong Dios, ang Dios indi ka palbag ong yaten.If we don't separate ourselves from God, neither will God separate himself from us.Mga ang lali mangatawa ra, palbag tanandia ong mga ginikanan na ig ma-pen da ong katawa na.When a man gets married, he separates himself from his parents and becomes joined to his wife.antee2vtUndergoer: ipabelag/ipalbag, belag-belagenbukodTo separate something from something else; to set something aside for a purpose, or for a person; to separate or sort items into groups.Ipabelag mo tang kolit ang blosa ong domang mga taralpoan, itaben mapo-loan.Separate the white blouse from the other clothes to be washed, it might get stained.Pagatakat da nira, namansikarong para belag-belagen tang mga yan.When they got to shore, they sat down to sort the fish by size and class.ov synloin3viActor: pl. mamagbereblag, mamagbelag-belag, mamagberelag-belagFor a group of people, organization, to separate into groups or factions; to become divided into factions; no longer unified; for something like a house to collapse and completely fall apart, disintegrate.Asing nagkatinir ta mabael ang problima ong simban, namagbelag-belag tang mga taw.When the church developed a big problem, the people became divided into factions.Namagberelag-belag tang mga taw tenged indi tanira paoyon ong toromanen tang Kapitan nira.The people all became divided into factions because they did not agree with the rules and regulations of their Barangay Captain.Namagbereblag da tang mga lebleb tang balay.The walls of the house have completely fallen apart. pagberelagen1der.n

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