waswas1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo shake something out to remove dirt, bugs, etc.; to swish clothes up and down in water to remove dirt or soap.Iwaswas mo kang lagi naning kalioliot mo ba-lo tokon mo, itaben may banbanen atan.Shake out these pants of yours first before you put them on, there might be a centipede in them.Waswasan mo kay lagi tang taralpoan ba-lo sabonon mo.First please swish the clothes to be washed up and down before you soap them up.antwa-watantwa-wat2vt2.1viFor dried beans, rice, etc. to spill out of a hole in something and be scattered all over.Pandaman mo tang aggekelan mong belat ong sopot, itaben mawaswas. Be careful with the rice you are carrying in the bag, it might spill out and be scattered all over.

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