ka-yat1<Not Sure>1.1vi., vtTo go upstairs, to go up into a house; to climb up something; to go up (lit. climb up) to heaven.Dawaten mo kay naning mga sinalpoan, indio ra koma-yat. Please reach out and take these laundered clothes, I won't climb up the stairs again.Paka-yat amo patigayon.Please climb up (i.e. cause yourselves to come up into our house).Ka-yaten mo kay tang nioy ang asi oman alapen mo tang beteng na.Please climb up that coconut tree and then pick its young coconuts.antbabak 1ka-biattaboan 11.2vtTo take, bring something upstairs.Ipaka-yat mo kay tang mga librong narin, itaben malipat.Take these books upstairs, they might get lost.antbabak 1.1ka-biattaboan 22vt2.1viTo stay overnight somewhere (literally, to climb up, as into a house).Ariamopa koma-yat ong Puerto?Where will you stay overnight in Puerto [Princesa City]?

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