balik1viActor: -om-, mag-balikTo return to a place or a person; to go back.Pagbalik da tanandia ang nagalin ong Puerto tenged tapos da tang siminar.He is now returning home from Puerto [Princesa City] because the seminar is over.antpaning 12vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: pa--enTo allow or cause a person to return, go back; to send someone back somewhere; to cause, influence a person to turn back to God; to restore, return to a former state.Ipangadi mi kay ang yo pabalikeno tang Dios atan ong nindio ong madali.Please pray that God will allow me to return there to you shortly.Monopa bato mapabalik ta ong Dios ta tatang taw ang nanaliod da?How do you suppose we can cause a person to turn back to God if he has already turned his back on him?antpaning 13advpabalikBack, back towards.Initao tanandiang pagsinikad pabalik ong balay, sigoro may nabo-wanan na.I saw him running back to the house, maybe he left something behind.4vtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- Goal: -anTo return something, take something back to where it came from; to go back to get someone or something that was left behind.Ibalik mo kay tang mga basio ong tsianggi.Please return the empty bottles to the small variety store.Balikan mo kay tang libro ang nabo-wanano ong monisipio tenged gamiteno.Please go back for the book I left at the municipal building because I'll use it.

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