ayos1vtActor: mag-, magig- Undergoer: -onayosTo fix or repair something; to arrange things; to get something ready, in order; to solve a problem, fix things up between people.Sinopa bato tang gatakong magayos tang bisiklitao?Who do you think knows how to fix my bike?Ayoson ta kang lagi tang mga platon may baso ong aparador.Let's first arrange the plates and cups in the cupboard.Ayoson amo yen ang doroa agod magtomboyan amo ra.I will fix it up between you two so that you'll reconcile with each other.Mga yawa dinimanda ta tatang taw, magigayosa ang lagi ong nandia, mintras indi amo pa gakabot ong korti.If someone has filed a conplaint against you, fix things up with him right away, before you get to court.ov synariglo 1imes 1o-ya 1solbarrel wdtomboy12statayos daFixed already; in order.Ayos da ono tang papilis para ong agbakalen nirang tanek.They say the paper work for the land they are buying is in order.3exprAyos!All right!; Great!; Okay!; Cool!ov synariglado 1

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