tebat2vi., vtActor/Undergoer: ma-bat a-bat Undergoer: -enFor the level of water in a well or bottom of a boat to go down, decrease when being bailed out; to reduce the amount or level of water in a well or container; to consume, use up water in a well.Asing pagke-keb amen, ang limaten inding pisan ma-bat a-bat. When we capsized, the water being bailed would not go down at all.Naglimat ami tang bobon, piro ang wi na inding pisan ma-bat a-bat. We bailed water out of the well (i.e. to clean it), but the level of water did not decrease at all.Indi tebaten mi tang wi, manalpō rin.Please don't use up all the water in the well, I'd like to wash clothes.

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