pilay11adjmapilayFor an activity to be tiring to do.Mapilay tang pamedbed.Sewing is tiring work.2adjmalipay, kapilaypagodFor a person to feel tired, exhausted, worn out; for a person's body to feel tired, stiff, or aching.Kapilay tang sinangoni ta mga pagalin ita ong bokid.Our bodies are tired and aching when we come from the farm.Aroy, indi ra maonat tang kabalao, dorog kapipilay. Oh my, my arm won't stretch out straight anymore, it's so tired and stiff.rel wdbeteg 13vstatUndergoer: -anTo become tired, exhausted, worn out.Agpilayan tang karabaw mga aggamiten ang pagarado.The water buffalo becomes exhausted if it is being used in plowing the field.rel wdbedlay 1

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