elang1nA room divider; walls between rooms; something that's used to cover the opening to another room.Paboatano rin tang kosina amen ta elang na.I'd like to make a room divider for our kitchen.2adjSeparated by something.Maliwag itang mamagbagat tenged elang ita ta talsi.It's hard for us to get together because we are separated by the ocean.3viActor: pag-Something which divides, or is used to divide an area into two parts.Kortina lamang tang pagelang ong koarto amen animan madaling ma-led tang mola.It's just a curtain that divides our room therefore the kids can easily come in.4vtUndergoer: -enTo divide a room by making walls with plywood, or simply using a curtain; to come between people as in separating two people in a fight.Elangen ta ta ply tang koartong na agod may koarto para ong mga babay may lali.Let's divide this room with a piece of plywood so that there's one room for the girls and one for the boys.Elangen mo kay tang pamagsontokan don ong karsada.Separate the ones hitting each other there on the street.rel wdlingeb 1sagang 1pagelangan1der.nAng tēle tang tanggetan mo ay alalawid tang pagelangan na.The distance between the footholds in the tree you gather coconut wine from is far.pangelang1der.n

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