paoyonv1Actor: paoyon Undergoer/Goal: paoyonanpayagTo agree to something; to consent to something; to agree with.Paoyona ka ang ita'y boaten ang kosiniro ong kataposan?Do you also agree that we will be the cooks for the dinner at the end of the wake?Napaoyon tanandia ang magboniag tang mga rosas kada damal-damal mintras anda ami tarin.She agreed to water the flowers every morning while we are gone.Paoyonan mo ra lamang si tatay mo, teta golibataen da.Just agree with your father, sometimes he acts a bit senile.rel wdpagna2Actor: magpaoyon-oyon Undergoer: paoyon-oyonansunud-sunuranTo be flexible, agreeable; to go along with, or give in to another person's opinions or desires.Gatakong magpaoyon-oyon ong katawa na, animan indi pagsoayan.She knows how to give in to her husband, that's why they don't fight.Si Lola indi mamangan ta linogaw, animan ang boaten mo paoyon-oyonan mo ra lamang tang onopay galiagan na.Grandma will not eat the rice porridge, so what you do is just go along with whatever she wants.rel wdpanonotunspec. var. ofnonot

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