elagunspec. var.maelag1adjmaelagTo have spaces between something, like slats in a floor, or teeth.Maelag tang da-tal animan napo-lot tang kakayo.There are spaces between the slats of the floor, that is why my foot slipped through.antrigpen 1rigpen 2siriniet 2ov syntelang2vtUndergoer: pa--enTo make or leave spaces between something.Paelagen mo tang pangda-tal mo para indi mataletan ta boling.Leave spaces (between the slats) in making your bamboo floor, so that the dirt won't get stuck in the grooves.3adjmaraelagGap, space between two teeth.Pabansilano rin tang isiong maraelag. I would like to have a bridge made for my teeth which have a space between them. antrigpen 1siriniet 1

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