tanopasiaadvnoonPreviously; formerly; some time ago; a while ago; in the past. (This refers to the near past, not to the distant past.)Tanopasia nagke-keb ami don ong pagtetengan tang Diit may Agutaya.Some time ago we capsized there between [the islands of] Diit and Agutaya.Mandian ang istoriao ong nio, tenged ong barakoda ang nakomito rin tanopasia. Now, my story for you is about the barracuda I nearly caught some time ago. To-bod si tang bilog, sigoro naboloat si tang tinapalano tanopasia. The small outrigger is leaking again, maybe the place I patched a while ago has a hole in it again.rel wddati 1nontokawtokaw 1

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