tompok1<Not Sure>1.1viFor things to pile up, such as clothes to wash, work to do.Pisan ang totompok tang mga taralpoano tenged doroa rang dominggo indio napanalpo.My laundry is really piling up because I haven't been able to wash for two weeks now.1.2vtTo pile something up in a heap.Tompokon mo tang linget atan ong binit, tapos sirokon mo.Pile up the trash there at the side, then burn it.Tinompok amen tang mga bato don ong binit tang baybay.We piled up the rocks there by the side of the beach.2vt2.1For people to gather closely around something, someone; to surround, crowd around.Agtompok-tompokan ta taw tang molang nalmet don ong binit tang baybay.The child who drowned is surrounded by people there at the edge of the shore.

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