det1dēt1viActor/Undergoer: -om-, -anFor firewood to catch fire, start burning.Indi demēt tang gatong ang lebay.Firewood that is wet will not catch fire and burn. Maboay dang dētan tang langaw mga tagbaken da.It takes a long time to get firewood to start burning when it's already soaked through with rainwater.antngey-ngey 1rel wdsi-kat 12vtUndergoer: ma-To get a fire going, burning.Nadēto ra tang apoy.I've got the fire burning now.3statmadēt daFor a cooking fire to already be burned down to coals.Madēt da tang apoy, poidia rang manggiaw.The fire is already burned down to coals, you can grill on it now.4vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: pa--anpag-apuyinTo make or light a fire, usually a cooking fire; something used to start a fire.Magparēta ra ta apoy para mapagdongkol ita ra.Light a fire so that we can cook rice.Ang bonot masinlong parētan ta apoy.Coconut husks with the coarse fibers are good for starting a fire.rel wdparēt

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