ngey-ngeyunspec. var.mangey-ngey1adjmangey-ngeyFor firewood to be green and therefore difficult to light, i.e. it will not easily start burning.Indi kang lagi igatong mo tang ba-long langaw, sia ilaw pa ig mangey-ngey pa.Don't use the newly gathered wood for fuel, it's still green and still difficult to light. Ang gatongo nalbay ta koran, animan mangey-ngey. My firewood got wet in the rain, so now it is damp and won't easily start burning.antdet1 1si-kat 12viActor: magpa-To use damp firewood; to coax damp wood to burn, catch on fire.Nalotoko ka tang dinongkol maski nagpangey-ngeyo lamang tang gatong ang lebay.I was able to cook the rice even though I had to coax the damp firewood to catch on fire.rel wddet1 1parēt

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