to-lid1<Not Sure>1.1adjStraight.Ike-ked mo tang pinli para mato-lid ong doroa nga postian.Tie the rope so it is straight between the two posts.antliko 11.2vtTo straighten something out, make something straight; to take a direct route or shortcut; to straighten out, correct, a person's wrong thinking.To-liden mo tang linia mi para masinlong pade-kan ta mga taw.Make your line straight so that people will think it looks nice.Agto-lideno rin tang singgoay ang liko piro napotol ka enged.I tried to straighten out the bent needle but it just broke.Ipato-lido rin tang ihi tang motor ang nabonggo.I would like to have the drive shaft straightened out on the boat that was run into.Sino-lid amen da tang dalan ang agpanawan amen.We took a direct route on the road where we walked.Sino-lid na tang mga pagirisipen nirang mali.He straightened out their wrong thinking.2vt2.1adjRighteous; morally upright; totally correct.Ang taw ang mato-lid gatakong maglaygay ong mga aroman na.A person who is morally upright knows how to advise his companions.Ang maski sinopay magto ong ni Jesu-Cristo, risibien tang Dios bilang mato-lid da.Whoever will believe in Jesus Christ, God will receive him as already being righteous. Mato-lid tang pagorosgaren tang Dios ong mga taw.God's way of judging people is righteous. antmapinagtalaken2der. oftalakkato-lidan2der.nMay kato-lidan tang Mayor ang magpa-led ig magtangal tang mga impliado.The Mayor has the right to hire and fire employees.Ong solat ni Pablo ong mga taga Roma, sinayod na tang natetenged ong matod ang kato-lidan. In the letter of Paul to the Romans, he explained about true righteousness.

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