tarak11<Not Sure>1.1vtTo come across or find something accidentally; to happen to notice something.Mo-ya lamang natarakan tang kamalay amen tang apoy ong langen amen ang gasirok da.It's a good thing the neighbor happened to notice the fire in our firebox that was already burning up.Inalig nira tang kabokidan, natarakan nira tang laling katian.They went about the forest and came across the man who is a recluse.2vt2.1To drive a boat or vehicle right over a place where someone is doing something; for an animal to walk right over something; for something to accidentally be run over by a boat or vehicle.Anday nakomit amen ang nanilaw tenged ang pamagtay ta bilog don enged namansitarak ong yamen.We weren't able to catch any fish at all when fishing with our net because the people riding in the boat ran right over the place where we were fishing.Aroy! Ang mga baka don ang enged namasitarak ong paray ang agpakaldaw.Oh my! The cows there really walked right over the rice I was drying in the sun.Ang panting pinabatango talabi ay natarak ta pambot.The fishing net I set out last night was run over by a pumpboat.Natarak ami rin ta motor asing pandelep ami.We were nearly run over by a boat when we were swimming.3vt3.1vi., vtTo walk or pass through an area of something; to fly low right over something.Nanarak-tarakan ami ra lamang ong kamalingetan, indi ami ra matoman tang banat.We just walked through the brush, we no longer could find the path.Ang iroplano pisan ang panarak-tarakan ong may mga bokid ang diribabak.The airplane flies low right over the low hills.Naleag ami ong bokid, ang agtaraken amen kamalingetan da.We got lost in the hills, what we passed through was forest.

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