imod1vi., vtActor: m-, magini- Goal: -antawaTo smile widely, broadly; to laugh at someone or something.Pirming imod tang taw ang asia, sigoro mambeng ong sadili na tenged sigoro anday problema na.That person is always smiling broadly, maybe he is happy with himself because maybe he has no problems.India mimod, way, bingaw tang isi mo.Don't smile widely, look, you are missing a tooth.Angay pamaginimod amo atan?Why are you laughing there?Aggimodan nira tang molang dorong pongit na.They are laughing at the child who is very dirty.antsiriosoov synalakakyemyem 12adjmakaimodFunny; humorous.Gademdemano pa tang mga makaimod ang mga istoria ni Diponto Tatang Jose.I still remember the funny stories of Late Uncle Jose.

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