palangga1n., adjmahalA term of endearment for a small child, like "sweetheart"; for a person, pet, or sentimental object to be loved, favored, or treasured; the favorite one.Palangga ni Nanay si Dodoy, animan pānabang tanandia mga agsoayen.Dodoy is the one Mother favors, therefore she sides with him when he is being picked on.Palanggao tang kirong ge-ley tenged yoy pagsagod ong nandia.The little dog favors me because I am the one caring for it.antanggaylipi-lipi 2poya 12vtUndergoer: -enTo love someone dearly; to feel affection for someone.Asing ge-ley ami, pinalangga ami to mo-ya ni Lola.When we were little, we were dearly loved by Grandma.Ikomostao ka nio ong yen ang agpalanggaen ang tangay ang si Ana.Please greet my dear friend Ana for me.antlipi-lipi 1ov syngegma 1lābi 1mal1 1

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