si-katunspec. var.masi-kat1adjmasi-katFor firewood to be dry and therefore easy to light, i.e. it will catch fire quickly; for a fire or a lamp to burn brightly.Ang gatong mo ilaw pa, belag pa ta masi-kat. Your firewood is still green, it's not yet easy to light. Ang kingki mga ang tabaw na gas masi-kat, piro mga krodo māreng.If a small lamp's fuel is kerosene, it burns brightly, but if it's crude oil then it is dim.antareng 1areng 2ngey-ngey 1rel wddet1 12vtUndergoer: pa--enTo make a lamp burn brighter.Pasi-katen mo kay tang kingki, maki-lep tarin.Kindly make the small kereosene lamp brighter, it is dark in here.antareng 1

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