tabid1<Not Sure>1.1vi., vtTo accompany someone; to go along with; to dance with someone, i.e. to accompany him/her to the dance floor.Siminabid tanandia ong Cuyo para mamakal ta tinda na.She went along to Cuyo island to buy her stock.Ang bisitang nagalin ong Puerto agtabiden ka tang domang karomanan na.The visitor from Puerto [Princesa City] was accompanied by his other companions.Agtabidena sigoro ta mangalok, animan pagkabot mo lamang, nagsīt da tang siano.Maybe you were accompanied by a witch and that is why when you just arrived, my stomach hurt.1.2vtFor a person to bring another person or dog along with them; to cause or allow someone to go along with others; to include something with other things.Indi ra patabiden mo tang kiro mo, taben tekeben tang kiro tang tangayo.Don't bring your dog along with you, my friend's dog might fight with him.Indi gatako si Jose ang magbila tenged indi gapatabid tang tatay na.Jose doesn't know how to fish because his father doesn't take him along. Indi ra patabidano tang anao ong nindio, geldano tenged dorog kapalet mandian.I won't allow my child to go along with you after all, I'm scared because it is very windy and rough at this time.Mga a-dan mo tanira ta tera patabidan mo ka ta ba-long dinongkol.When you take them some viand include with it some of the newly cooked rice.1.3advAll together in a group.Ang mga kambing talalabid ang pamagsinikad ong kabatoan.The goats are all going together running over the rocky place.1.4advTogether with; along with; including.Minosoang tang nanak tang pelta katabid tang mata na.The pus came out of the boil along with the eye.1.5nCompanion when going somewhere.antnonot 1.22n2.1viFor a couple to be in a relationship; for a group of people to be in fellowship.Si Juan may ang nobia na nagtabidan da.Juan and his girlfriend are already in a relationship. pagtarabidan2der.nPamagirintindian ami animan masinlo tang pagtarabidan amen.We understand each other therefore our relationship is good.tarabidander.n

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