imes1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo gather things together; to save money; to pack clothes, etc. for a trip; to get things ready; to arrange things; to straighten things up.Pangimes tanandia tang lambong na tenged tomay ong damal.She is packing her clothes because she will travel tomorrow.Indi amo gapangimes tang pinoyatan mi.You haven't straightened up the place where you slept.Winasag mo ra tang mga papilis, ala imesen mo.You have scattered the papers all around, okay now, straighten them up.Way, aggimesen tang mano tang mga boto na ong kalipapa na, tenged asia tang ogak.Look, the hen is gathering her chicks under her wings, because there's a crow up above.Ang agpasōlan na indi aggastaen na, aggimesen na lamang para ong pagadal na.The money he is earning, he's not spending it, he's just saving it for his education.1.2statReady.Imes da tang tanan ang mga bangko ong plasa para ong baili lagat-lagat ang labi.All the chairs are ready at the plaza for the dance later tonight.2stat2.1viFor people to get together, gather together for a purpose.Pamagimes-imes da tanira mandian tenged may miting nira.They are gathering together now because they have a meeting.

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