lemet1<Not Sure>1.1viTo accidentally drown.Asing pagke-keb amen, ge-ley lamang ang nalmeto. When we capsized, I nearly drowned. Nalmet tang molang ge-ley ong dalay-dalayan tang talsi.The small child drowned in the water at the edge of the ocean.Oman ang mga baboy diritsong namagsinikad ong pangpang ig nangabo-log ong talsi asta nangalmet ang tanan.Then the pigs ran straight to the cliff and fell into the ocean and they all drown. 1.2vtTo intentionally drown a person or an animal.Ang dimonio galiag din ang lemeten na tang mola ong wi.The demon wanted to drown the child in the well.antasinso 2bongkarat 2.12vt2.1viFiguratively, for a person or place to drown, "go under", to regress, to not show any progress or success.Galmet da tang logar amen, indi ra mabongkarat.Our place is already regressing (lit. drowning), it will no longer be able to rise up again.antasinso 1bongkarat 1

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