la-ted1<Not Sure>1.1vi., vtFor a person to move to a different location; to cross over to the other side; to move, transfer something to another place or container; to transplant plants.Ganing tanira loma-ted ong Puerto mandian ang Mayo.They say they will move to Puerto [Princesa City] in May.Oman namagalin tanira ong kampo nira ig namansila-ted ong dobali tang soba.Then they left their camp and crossed over to the other side of the river.Lina-tedo tang katri ong dobaling koarto.I moved the bed to the other room.Ila-tedo tang rosas ong lata para masinlong pa-dekan.I'll transplant the flowers into another tin can so that they will look nice.2vi., vt2.1vtTo spread news or gossip from one person to another.India magpala-ted maski ong ninopa tang binalitao ong nio.Don't spread the news that I told you to anyone.

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