silag1vi., vtActor/Undergoer: ma- Goal: ma--angalit; inis; yamot; suya; pootTo be angry, mad, furious; to be upset with someone; to be annoyed by, irritated with someone; to hate, detest, or abhor something or someone.Gasilag tanandia ong yamen tenged indi ami nandol ta yan.She is angry at us because we didn't give them any fish.Gasilagan si Ana tang manong na tenged pirming pagalig.Ana's older brother is irritated with her because she is always running around.antgegma 2mal1 32vtGoal: -anTo focus, direct one's anger on someone.India magpisik ta nioy atan, itaben asilagan ita.Don't pick up any coconuts there, someone might get angry at us.Ang maglogod namagsontokan, si Jose tang inasilagan tang nanay nira tenged yay ang pagtobol-tobol.The brothers fought each other, and Jose was the one their mother focused her anger on because he was the one egging them on.3vtUndergoer: pa--enTo make, cause someone to become angry.Indio pasilagen mo, taben india pagnan ta ang magikskorsion andamal.Don't make me mad, I might not allow you to go on the excursion tomorrow.antgegma 1mal1 1ov syndemet 1erep1 1kayetkasisilagen2der.nmasisilagen2der.adjantmapinasinsiaen1

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