papilpapíl1<Not Sure>1.1nPaper.Dapa-dapān mo tang papil mo, itaben ang katepad mo mangopia ong nio.Cover up your paper, the person next to you might copy from you.Dawatay ka ta tang papang papil. Please hand me one sheet of paper. 2n2.1Idiom meaning one's destiny, career, or lot in life (lit. one's paper).Tanandia tang manigdongkol ig ang manigogat ong balay nira. Ya ray sigoro ang papil na ong kaboi na.He's the cook and dishwasher at their house. Maybe that's just his lot in life.3n3.1viIdiomatic expression meaing to try to gain favor; to "brown-nose" a superior.Ang taw ang asi maosay ang magpapapil ong amo na tenged pirming māga pang te-led.That person is good at brown-nosing her boss because she is always coming to work early.

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