dengan21nFamiliar spirit.Ganing tang domang mga mepet, ang taw mga pinangana may dengan na ka ono ong talon.Some old people say that when a person is born he or she also has a familiar spirit in the forest.This word is related to dengan1 meaning together, or at the same time. A familiar spirit is one which acts as a companion or a servant to a person.; This means that the familiar spirit is born at the same time as the person.2adjtegat ta denganStrong (lit. matured, tough) familiar spirit.India de-deken ta malignos mga yawa tegat tang dengan mo.You cannot be affected by evil spirits if you have a strong familiar spirit. 3adjlebed ta denganWeak (lit. not matured, unripe) familiar spirit.Ganing tang mga mepet mga lebeda ta dengan madaliang matalagbat ong paranawan mo.The old people say, if your familiar spirit is not matured, you can easily become bewitched when you go out walking.

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