tinir1<Not Sure>1.1vi., vtTo stay somewhere; to remain in a particualr place or situation that a person remains in; to abide.Magtinir amo tarin ta maboay?Will you stay here long?Ang agtinirano poros kalisedan.What I continue to remain in is total poverty.1.2vtTo wait for, not be in a hurry about something; to stay somewhere or with someone for a short time.Mantiniren mo kay ang lagi tang otango tenged indio pa gasoildo.Please wait for my debts to you because I haven't yet received my salary.Mantiniran mo kay ta indi maboay tang lolo mo, may paningano lamang.Please stay with your grandfather for a little while, I just have somewhere to go.2vt2.1viTo have something; to come to possess something; to gain or obtain something; for something to occur, happen.Dapat magkatinir ta kasilyas tang tanan ang mga taw.All the people should have outhouses.Magkatinir ta gira mga indi maginigoan tang doroang nasyon.A war will occur if the two nations don't agree.

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