linawa1nhiningaBreath; air in the lungs.Asing nabo-log si Tatay ong nioy nakomitan ta linawa na.When Father fell from the coconut tree, his breath was knocked out (lit. taken from him).2viActor: -om-, mā-For people, animal to breathe, inhale; for plants to have room to grow (literally, to breathe).Agliwagan ang liminawa tang molang aggalobangen.The child with a cold is having a hard time breathing. Mandian ang obraen ta ay mamalawpaw ita ong koma para malinawa tang paray.Today our work is to cut all the palawpaw shrubs in the field so that the rice can breathe.Limininawa ta alawig si Jesus ig siminingara ong langit.Jesus sighed deeply (lit. breathed high) and looked up to heaven.3npanlinawaBreathing.Māpo tang panlinawao mga agkeykeyeno.My breathing is labored when I have a cough.agdawaten tang linawaid.vstatSi Lola indi mamangan ta linogaw, animan ang boaten mo paoyon-oyonan mo tang onopay agdawaten tang linawa na. Grandma is not eating porridge, and so what you do is be flexible in giving her whatever she wants (lit. whatever her breath is reaching for).ma-pok ta linawa1id.adjnabontokan ta linawaid.vnakomitan ta linawaid.v

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