pa-dek<Not Sure>11.1nGaze; look.Ang pa-dek na ong babay ang asia ay palibat lamang tenged gaeyak.His look towards the woman is just a glance because he is shy.1.2vtTo gaze at something; to look directly at a person; to stare at a person.Onopay agpa-dekan mi?What are you looking at? Yading mamola ang napa-dek ong simina-lib ang torista.Many children gazed at the tourist who passed pa-dekan tang ba-long iskoilan.The appearance of the new school building is very nice.22.1nEyesight, vision; a look which one gives to another person which has meaning in it.Maki-lep da tang pama-deko.My eyesight is already dim.Onopay pama-dek mo ong yen?What do you mean by how you're looking at me?2.2exprIn one's sight, view, or opinion.Anda enged ay matalok maski onopa, ong pama-dek tang Dios.Nothing whatsoever can be hidden from the sight of God.Maboling ong pama-deko tang karning baboy.Pork meat is dirty in my sight.indi magtaket ong pama-dek1id.exprAng kinatawa tang anao indi magtaket ong pama-deko. The man which my daughter married does not measure up in my sight.

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