panolodviActor: manolod, mamanolodReferring to people who dance in front of the Dolorosa statue in the plaza on the night of Easter Saturday.Mga Sabado De Gloria ang mga taw, mga panolod, pamagtayaw ong talongan tang birhin Dolorosa piro pamagkopot.On Easter Saturday night, people when they [do what's called ] panolod, they dance in front of the Dolorosa statue but their heads and faces are covered up.Siminelek ami tang pamanolod talabi.We watched the ones dancing in front of the Dolorosa statue last night.After the mass on Saturday evening at 10:00 p.m., the large stature, birhin, called Dolorosa (meaning 'grief' in Spanish) is taken to the plaza. The head and face of the statue are covered with a black cloth and represent the grieving mother of Jesus. It is placed up in a bamboo scaffold, along with a young girl who sings a Spanish song. While she sings, a group of people down below dance, in order to cheer up the grieving statue. This is called panolod. Their faces are covered so no one knows who they are. After a while, they take off their masks and the ceremony turns into a real dance, baili with drinking.rel wdSabado de Gloria

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