olik<Not Sure>11.1viTo go or come home; to return to a place where one is temporarily staying, or to a place which one often goes to.Tanopa minolik tang kosi ming nalipat?When did your lost cat return home? Indi pa gaolik tang tatay nira ang panilaw.Their father hasn't come home yet from fishing.1.2vtTo send, allow someone to go home.Asing mapoirsa tang bagio ang mga iskoila pinaolik tang mga maistra nira.When the typhoon was very strong the pupils were sent home by their teachers.antlekatolikander.n1Mga matapos tang boniag, onopa, may olikan ta don ong nindio?After the baptism, do we have some food prepared there at your house (literally, do we have something to go home to)?2Anda ray olikano ong Agutaya, langga ra tang balay amen.I no longer have a house to go home to on Agutaya, our house has already fallen into disrepair.orolikan1der.1nAlas singko tang orolikan tang mga maistra.The going home time of the teachers is five o'clock.22.1vtTo return something that was borrowed.Yolik mo kay naning binletanong bala.Please return this videotape that I borrowed.33.1vtTo repair something, literally, to return it to its original condition such as a fence, woven walls, a house, furniture, etc.Inolik ni Jose tang kodal ang natomban ta nioy.Jose repaired the fence that a coconut tree fell on.3.2viTo recover from an illness; to get over hurt feelings, i.e. to return to normal; to feel relieved.Pagpaolik-olik tanandia ong pamangan tenged ba-long nagalin ong masit.He is recovering his appetite because he has just gotten over being sick.Sigoro ang kamalay amen gasilag din piro mandian naolikan da.Maybe our neighbor was angry, but she has gotten over it now.Asing pagabalitao ang mo-ya o-ya ra si Tatay, naolikan da ka tang linawao.When I heard the news that Father was getting better, I was relieved (lit. my breath recovered).

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