laba11vi., vtActor/Undergoer: ma- Goal: ma--antumbaFor a person or animal to fall or tumble over, forwards, or sideways from dizziness, from being off balance, or being shoved; for rice, cogon grass, banana plants, etc. to be bent over from the wind or rain.Timineyeb tang pama-dek tang mepet animan nalaba. The vision of the old person was spinning around therefore he fell over. Ba-lo lamang pagadal ang papanaw tang molang ge-ley, animan pirming galaba. The small child is just learning how to walk, that's why she is always tumbling over.Ang mga paray nangalaba ra ong sobrang koran.The rice was bent over because of all the rain.Asing namagio, nalabān tang balay nira ta papa ta nioy.When there was a typhoon, a coconut tree fell over on their house.ov syntomba1 1rel wdsaro-sod2vtUndergoer: i-To force a person to bend or flip over.Ong kayam ang aggoyan ta 'kabingan' ang taw ang ilaba yay ang pirdi.In the game of leg wrestling, the person who is flipped over is the one who loses.

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