omid1vi., vtUndergoer: ma, -ensangkotTo be implicated; to be included in the blame for doing something wrong, even though not an active participant; for something to be among, included in things which meet with disaster.Asing may taw ang sina-sak, naomid tang logodo tenged ang ta-bat na yay ang ginamit tang nana-sak.When there was a person that was stabbed, my brother was implicated because it was his knife that was used by the person who did the stabbing.Ang balay nira naomid ang nasirok talabi.Their house was among those which burned down last night.Indio omiden mo tenged indio gatako tang nainabo.Don't include me because I don't know what happened.2viActor: magpaomid-omidTo allow oneself to become included, inolved in something.India kay magpaomid-omid ong pamagsoayan.Please don't let yourself become included in those who are fighting.ov syndamay2sabit2

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