dāngdāngvi., vtActor: maN-, mapaN- Undergoer: -enTo do something abruptly or in a rush, not carefully or slowly; to act in an abrupt manner, without respect or consideration for others; to "march right in" and do something.Mga magosaya tang tamsi, indi dāngdāngen mo, mas magsibol.When you untangle the fishing line, don't rush it or it will become even more tangled up.Dināngdāng tang mola tang maistra na asing pagta-lib na, talaga anday galang na.The child treated his teacher abruptly when he passed by, really he has no respect."Mama-dola kay ta golay ong kamalay." "Ey indio! Gaeyako, indio gapandāngdāng don.""Ask for some vegetables from the neighbor." "Oh no! I'm embarrassed to, I'm not able to go right over there."Indio pandāngdāng ong balay ang indi ganadano.I don't just march right into a house that I'm not used to going over to.

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