kaliekviActor: -om-kilos; galawTo move one's body; the way one moves, acts; to budge; to get things accomplished, to fulfill one's responsibilities; for something to move or sway back-and-forth.Patay da sigoro tang kiro, indi rang pisan kakaliek. The dog is probably dead, it's not moving at all anymore.Ang molang asi ay doro kambog ang komaliek. That boy moves proudly.Maski aggoyan tanandia inding pisan agkakaliek. Even though she is being called she does not budge at all.India ra ka komaliek ang magobra!You don't move at all to work!Ang Kapitan nira ay patay-patay ang komaliek. Their Barangay Captain is slow about getting things done (lit. slow to move).ov synkamay-kamaykompas1 1rel wdsimek-simek

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