lipat1<Not Sure>1.1viFor something to become lost or stolen; for something to be missing; for a person to disappear, vanish; to become lost on the road.Bantayan mo kay tang mga karga ta, itaben malipat. Please watch our cargo, it might get lost. Galipat tang tambilog ang kotsara amen.One of our spoons is missing. Napanaw ami ong bokid, piro asing napa-ngio nalipato ra rin.We took a walk in the countryside, but when I took a shortcut I nearly got lost. anttoman 1antdemdem1 1.22vi2.1vtTo forget a fact, a name, etc.; to forgot something, leave something behind unintentionally.Sinopa tang aran mo, galipat-lipato ra.What is your name, I seem to have forgotten. Aroy, nalipatano tang libro mo ong balay.Oh dear, I forgot your book at home.antdemdem1 1malipat-lipaten1der.1adj22.1vtTo intentionally forget about something; to do away with old customs, laws, etc.Lipaten ta ra tang pinagampangan ta.Let's forget about our conversation.Linipatan na ra tang barayadan na ong yen.He has intentionally forgotten about his payment to me.Ang ba-long padi, midio aglipaten na ra tang mga toromanen ong simban.The new priest seems to be doing away with the traditions of the church.palipaten1der.n

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