legda11vi., vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -enTo talk in a loud, abrupt voice as if one is angry; to talk or yell loudly, angrily; to lecture someone harshly, loudly to instill fear in them.India ka manlegda, teta geldan ita.Don't talk as if you are angry, sometimes we're afraid.Ang pamitala na panlegda maski indi gasilag.Her speech is very loud and abrupt, even though she's not angry.Legdaen mong lagi tang molang asia para indi moman ang magpasotil.Lecture that child harshly so he won't throw a tantrum again.antalam-alamrel wddaget-dagetdaragese 12advlegdaHarsh; loud and abrupt.Yawa, mga mitalā, poros legda. You, when you talk, it's always loud and abrupt.antalam-alamov syndaget-dagetdaragese 1

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