eyep<Not Sure>11.1nThe blowing of the wind.1.2nThe wind.Malamig da tang eyep tang mageyep. The blowing of the wind has become cool.1.3vi., vtFor the wind to blow; for the wind to blow on something.Mga geyep da tang mageyep ong abagat, maliag yaning koliada ra.When the wind blows from the southwest, it means it is going to become windy and rainy.Geyep-eyep da tang kambian.The northwest wind is starting to blow.Mandian geyep-eyep, belag ta maringet.Today it's breezy, it's not hot.Ineyep tang mageyep tang daing ang agpakaldaw, animan nabo-log ong kenay.The wind blew the fish that was being dried in the sun, that's why it fell down into the sand.lebay tang mageyep1der.adjNagparti tang eyep tang mageyep.say.11.1vtTo blow on something; to blow, play an instrument.Eyepen mo tang apoy para madaling demēt.Blow on the fire so it will quickly start to burn.Sinopay gatakong mageyep ta trompita?Who knows how to blow the trumpet?22.1vtTo have a folk healer, an albolario, or a person possessing some kind of power blow ginger on a body part in order to heal it of an illness.Magpaeyepo rin ta loya ong albolario tenged indio mapoyat.I'll have the folk healer blow ginger on me because I can't sleep.

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